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Women's white gold ring with blue topaz and diamonds

1.01 carat Sky Topaz Diamond ring

Reference #  YZ0015123

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White gold ring
18 carats 2.82 grams
0.11 carat Diamond
F SI color / clarity
0.13 carat Diamond
F SI color / clarity
0.77 carats Sky Topaz

Introducing a sophisticated and elegant white gold blue topaz diamond ring that is part of our gold ring catalog. This ring is a true work of art and offers an impeccable combination of quality, style and beauty. Crafted from high quality 18k white gold, this ring is specially designed to be worn with pride and draw attention to your hand. Set among the sparkling diamonds is a beautiful Sky Topaz that weighs 0.77 carats. Sky topaz is a gemstone with a sky blue color that exudes freshness and beauty. A topaz ring of this type is a perfect choice for women who value uniqueness and natural beauty. This white gold diamond ring is the perfect accessory for special occasions and events. Wear it with confidence and you will be the center of attention with your sophisticated and unique style. Explore our catalog of gold rings and discover many more wonderful models that combine luxury and beauty. Each piece of jewelry in our catalog is selected with attention to detail and meets the highest quality standards. Choose your gold ring and let it become a symbol of your style and elegance.

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If the ring is a gift, save the moment of surprise! The size of each ring can be adjusted even after it has been given as a gift. All Shemay Diamond rings come in a standard size of 51 to 56. And if you want to know the size in advance, it can be easily measured by yourself. For the measurement you need a sheet of paper from which to cut a thin strip. Place it on the circumference of your finger and mark exactly where the tape intersects. Once you have the measures already taken, make a circle from the cut tape. Use a line to measure the diameter of the circle in mm. Then use the table to convert the size from mm to a regular ring size.

This jewel has a valid international certificate issued by the International Diamond Laboratory (IDL).

Iternational diamond laboratory is a gemology laboratory based in New York, with offices in other major cities around the world. IDL is an objective non-profit organization that issues diamond certificates with the slogan "Diamonds are safe by IDL".


Check the certificate on the IDL website

Certificate No.R02084152



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